Growing Food – Tomatoes “Golden Sunrise” | Episode One (Video)

Recently I set up a new YouTube channel called, erm, The Norfolk Womble, and today I finished editing together my first short film recorded in the greenhouse on 6th March, about sowing tomato seeds.  In this episode I am using the Heirloom variety “Golden Sunrise” (Solanum lycopersicum).

Tomato "Golden Sunrise"
Image credit: Just Seed UK

As times become tougher for many of us, it becomes increasingly important to try to support ourselves a little, doing what we can to eat well with perhaps limited resources.  A wonderful way of doing that is by growing our own food.

Why grow your own food?

  • We know where our food has come from
  • It is usually cheaper to grow than to buy in the shops
  • If you can do all of that without using any chemicals it will be much healthier for you!

Over all else I love to grow as wide a range of edible plants as possible, so with that in mind I aim to continue the series throughout the year and show the processes of sowing and growing, harvesting, and seed-saving techniques for a wide range of vegetables and fruit.

Also for the coming year I am considering producing a short series of How To films about my past, current and future recycling projects.  I have a number of things in mind for this year, including adding some form of renewable power supply, such as wind, hydro or solar, to get power into the greenhouse (I’m REALLY excited about that one!).

If you have suggestions for ‘projects on a shoestring’, food-related or anything else you’d like to see on The Norfolk Womble blog or YouTube channel, please get in touch and I’ll see what I can do.

If you enjoy this video, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, Like it, drop me any comments, and it would also help a lot if you could also please share it.

Credit to longzijun for permission to use their fab and funky music.




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