Wensleydale farmers champion new ‘agri-environment’ payment scheme

A three-year Payments by Results project has been praised by farmers in Wensleydale for ‘letting farmers get on with it’. 

Image: FG
Tom Fawcett, on his farm in Askrigg.

The scheme, which includes 19 farms in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, offers payments to farmers to encourage free management of land ‘less intensively’ to achieve a positive environmental outcome and maximise profits.

Farmers will be paid for producing species-rich meadows and good quality habitat for breeding waders such as curlew, snipe, lapwing and redshank.

Helen Keep, Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority senior farm conservation officer, said the scheme was ‘understandable, practical and achievable’.

She said: “Payment by Results is designed to be simpler and more cost-effective than previous and existing agri-environment schemes.

“It works on the principle that farmers know their land better than anyone and should not be required to follow prescribed land management methods.

Read the full story here | FGinsight


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